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Resource Description: Band merged JHKs catalogue for first epoch data from CASU v1.3. VVV DR1, corrected for header errors (Mike Irwin, Private Communication). Release of the Milky Way bulge and southern plane from the near-infrared ESO public survey VISTA variables in the Vía Láctea.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
tile_name Tile id source tile name N/A meta.code;
ra_h Ra_h J2000 deg pos.eq.ra
dec_h Dec_h J2000 deg pos.eq.dec
ra_j Ra_j J2000 deg pos.eq.ra
dec_j Dec_j J2000 deg pos.eq.dec
ra_k Ra_k J2000 deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec_k Dec_k J2000 deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
mag_h Mag_h H-band mag mag phot.mag
mag_j Mag_j J-band mag mag phot.mag
mag_k Mag_k Ks-band mag mag phot.mag
magerr_h Magerr_h H-band mag mag phot.mag
magerr_j Magerr_j J-band mag mag phot.mag
magerr_k Magerr_k Ks-band mag mag phot.mag
sourceclass_h Sourceclass_h H-band source class: -9 saturated, -7 bad pix,-2 borderline stellar, -1 stellar, 0 noise, +1 non-stellar N/A src.class
sourceclass_j Sourceclass_j J-band source class: -9 saturated, -7 bad pix, -2 borderline stellar, -1 stellar, 0 noise, +1 non-stellar N/A src.class
sourceclass_k Sourceclass_k Ks-band source class: -9 saturated, -7 bad pix, -2 borderline stellar, -1 stellar, 0 noise, +1 non-stellar N/A src.class
phys_p_angsize_h Phys_p_angsize_h H-band Petr radius pix phys.angSize
phys_p_angsize_j Phys_p_angsize_j J-band Petr radius pix phys.angSize
phys_p_angsize_k Phys_p_angsize_k Ks-band Petr radius pix phys.angSize
phys_h_angsize_h Phys_h_angsize_h H-band hall radius pix phys.angSize
phys_h_angsize_j Phys_h_angsize_j J-band hall radius pix phys.angSize
phys_h_angsize_k Phys_h_angsize_k Ks-band hall radius pix phys.angSize
phys_k_angsize_h Phys_k_angsize_h H-band Kron radius pix phys.angSize
phys_k_angsize_j Phys_k_angsize_j J-band Kron radius pix phys.angSize
phys_k_angsize_k Phys_k_angsize_k Ks-band Kron radius pix phys.angSize
source_ellipticity_h Source_ellipticity_h H-band N/A src.ellipticity
source_ellipticity_j Source_ellipticity_j J-band N/A src.ellipticity
source_ellipticity_k Source_ellipticity_k Ks-band N/A src.ellipticity
pos_ang_h Pos_ang_h H-band source position angle deg phys.angSize;src
pos_ang_j Pos_ang_j J-band source position angle deg phys.angSize;src
pos_ang_k Pos_ang_k Ks-band source position angle deg phys.angSize;src
epoch_h Epoch_h H-band Epoch MJD day time.epoch;obs
epoch_j Epoch_j J-band Epoch MJD day time.epoch;obs
epoch_k Epoch_k Ks-band Epoch MJD day time.epoch;obs
row_id Row Id NOVA row identifier N/A;meta.main

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